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2022 Bougie-Lais
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2022 Bougie-Lais
2022 Bougie-Lais

2022 Red Wine in the Beaujolais Nouveau style. Bringing the vintage to your table without delay!

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About This Item

TA: 3.38 g/l

pH: 3.78

rs: <.5%

Brix at harvest: 22.4

Harvest date: 9/26/2022

Aging treatment: 100% stainless steel

Fermentation: Carbonic Maceration


Winemaker’s Notes:

“A “nouveau” style wine is a process whereby a wine is made for early consumption.

During the making of a traditional red wine, we do what we can to extract color and flavor, during the fermentation process, from the skins. So the “nouveau” style is absent these interventions, retaining the vibrant fruit and leaving behind the tannins and structure we look for in an age worthy wine.

It is not meant to be a masterpiece, this is not a Mona Lisa…. it is the funnest, tastiest wine we make, with a flair for the fete, and an eye towards the joy. It should adorn your holiday table and bring us together without really even thinking about it.

Bougie means to take oneself overly seriously, and calling this wine “Bougie-lais” let’s you know it is a take on Beaujolais Nouveau AND we are poking fun at more serious wine…. because what is actually the most important is… do you want to take another sip!?!?”

Dane Stark, winemaker


Tasting Notes:

The beauty of a “nouveau” style wine is that it can be served at room temperature, cellar temperature or colder. It is light and fruity, with vibrant edges and a pretty hue. The processing has minimized the tannins and the structure, leaving a wine with very gentle tannins, copious youthful fruit, soft structure and an extremely pleasing drinkability.

It is fermented dry, but tastes a little sweet because it is so approachable. 

A perfect match for the festivities of the fall, the gatherings to wrap up the year.