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2018 LVVC
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2018 LVVC
2018 LVVC

A project undertaken by a core group of 6 Livermore Valley Winemakers, a framework around which we each created a wine. This is a wonderful and unique blend.

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TA: 8 g/l

pH: 3.2

Brix at harvest: 24.8

Harvest date: 10/8/2018

Aging treatment: 100% American oak medium grain 


Winemaker’s Notes:


“Barbera is such a delicious wine, we are lucky to have this experiment to reclaim.

As a stand alone varietal it is one of the most acidic that I work with, the pH is extremely low, making for a wonderful food wine.


My first selection to pair with this wine is cheese, before all else.”


Dane Stark, winemaker


Tasting Notes:


The color of this wine is a deeper and more vibrant red due to medium to high acidity.

It opens with earthy fruit, a touch of floral  and medium intensity with a pleasing berry and soft tannin presentation.

The structure lends itself to aging and the fruit of the mid palate leads to a lengthy finish. The excellent structure provides for a wonderful food wine and this wine will pair beautifully with richer dishes. The finish mingles floral components and nuts with spice, herbs and roses.